Q: shift lever light on 1998 Ford Escort

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I seem to remember a light on the gearshift console that showed where the shifter was (P/R/N/D).
Helpful in the dark. That light is out and I can't see how to get to it to change it. I have checked all the fuses.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

(1) Answer
You will have to partially disassemble the shifter to access the bulb for the shifter. I believe the bezel that the gear letters are in must be lifted and you should see a small light socket on the shift lever and you would need to replace it. If you do not see any screws holding the bezel in place, it is most likely held in place with spring clips and you just need to pry on it correctly to pop it up. If you do not want to do this and do not want to go to a dealership, you might want to try a auto stereo installer or transmission shop,(they take theses types of things apart all the time) and see if they will do it for a couple of dollars. Good luck.