Q: shift indicator on 2000 Mercury Mountaineer

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how can i correct the shift indicator to read properly, the R is N, D is 2, P is in between P and R
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There is a specific process to recalibrate the shift indicator which requires removing the steering column cover, moving the gearshift lever to multiple positions and adjusting the indicator with the thumb wheel located at the bottom of the steering column. I have summarized the steps below, but this is something you might want to consider taking to a repair center to ensure proper calibration.

Remove the upper instrument panel steering column cover
Place the gearshift lever in the (D) position
Rotate the gearshift lever down until it bottoms out (first gear), then rotate two locations up to the D position
Center the pointer in the middle of the D position
Rotate the thumb wheel located on the bottom of the steering column to adjust the pointer
Carefully move the gearshift lever from position to position and compare with the transmission settings
Readjust if necessary and install the upper instrument panel steering column cover