Q: shift gear . on 2007 Chevrolet Impala

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I was able to start my car but the shift gear won't move from park gear. Help..
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Most automatic transmission vehicles have a shift lock detent that prevents people starting a car "in gear". Did you depress the brake pedal first. Most shift lock detent systems operate by needing to see a signal from the brake light switch. Press the brake pedal and get a friend to see if your brake lights work or perhaps you have a faulty brake light switch or blown fuse. Is your car still under warranty, perhaps Chevy will fix it under warranty?
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Which fuses have blown? Fuses should not really blow unless there are problems. Has your car got after market stereo, alarm GPS ect,,,,,?
I haven't checked the brake lights but we did notice some of the fuses were, we just went to autozone and got some new ones hopefully this works. We are under warranty but they said we have to still pay for diagnostics and it might not be covered for parts and labor. I am so stressed.. trying to find any little defects so i don't have to send it to GM. It is going to cost a lot of money from 400-900...