Q: Shaking while idling on 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix

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I have noticed my car shaking noticeably when I am idling. What could the problem be?
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It could be a few things, ignition misfire, vacuum leak, bad motor mount etc.
Have it checked out, especially if there are any warning lights on, you can cause more damage the more it is driven.
Perform a visual inspection of the vacuum hoses and intake hoses and pipes, make sure the clamps are all tight. Let the engine idle and listen for hissing noises(vacuum leaks) or a ticking/arcing noise(ignition misfires)
Do you have any warning lights on?
Well, you're not alone! Have the codes checked, some parts stores will do this for free. Post the codes here and we will provide you the appropriate info.
The check engine light is on and I am ashamed to say it has been since I bought it.
And I listened to it and all I hear is what to me sounds like a knocking sound, but I'm no mechanic.