Q: Several people tell me the answer but what really is the answer??? Truth please. on 2005 Toyota Camry

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In this hot weather if I go to the park to eat my lunch and keep my motor running with the air-conditioner on for about 20 minutes, will that do any damage to my car? It doesn't seem to raise the temperature gage any.
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It doesn't damage the car if everything is in perfect order, but what if coolant hose burst while you were away from the car or a child got into the car. A running car should never be left unattended.
You misunderstood me. I eat lunch IN my car for 20 minutes. Why would a "Normal " person want to leave their car running with air on if their not going to be in it while eating outside their car??? Its been over 100 degrees here in Texas for a very long time this summer.Thank you for the feedback though.