Several issues since I purchased 2011 CC. Now has 44K miles. on 2011 Volkswagen CC

(1) Annoying squeeking in front end when temperature is below 40 degrees. (2) Hear a loud scrapping noises from front end when turning hard right or left in wet conditions. (3) On several occasions the parking brake engages and disngages after shitfing into park for no reason. (4) Dashboard lights periodically flicker on and off while driving at all times of the day, clear or cloudy - day or night (not DRL). (5) Car rolls up to a foot or more after parking and releasing foot from brake pedal (knocked over 2 passengers with door when exiting the car). (6) While driving and accelerating to pass, car seems to disengage and rev uncontrolably until foot is taken off the accelerator. (7) Continnental tires are noisy...considering replacing them with Michelins Primacy MXM4 for a quieter and smoother ride.

I have had it to the dealership several times with no answers for the problems. Is it my imagination or do other experience this kinds of occurances? Please advise.

- BILL1655

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Yikes! 1-maybe a suspension part is worn, 2-maybe the tires/rims are not stock, 3-brake issue = safety issue! have the dealer check it out ...again, 4-maybe an intermittent electrical issue that is hard to duplicate and fix, 5-serious safety issue! have the dealer see it ...again, 6-is it like in neutral? 7-do you have stock rims and tires? whew!
Tomiko, thanks for the feedback. Have taken it back several answers. It is ready to be serviced. 40K service is suppose to be a complete inspection of car. Issues will be brought up again. (6) Not in drive while trying to pass on highway. (7) Stock 17" rims and tires. Replacing tires today...let's see that does. THX - bill165