Q: service traction control on 2009 Chevrolet Impala

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While driving, service traction control will come on along with the engine light, and they flicker on and off, and cause the car to jerk, the locks to relock, my fuel guage to go out of place, and sometimes cause the car to turn off. I have taken my car to an actual Chevrolet dealership, but they stated that there was nothing wrong with the car because they tried and no problems were diagnosed when they used the scan tool. I dont know what to do. Some people say that it may have something to do with my transmission; others say that it is something electrical; while others say that a wire is not connecting or is touching something. Its getting worse, and I need to get this fixed immediately.
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the exact same thing happened to me, and I got the same answers. I finally took it in while the service traction control light was on and left the car running so they could see it. Turns out it is the accelerator sensor..? something like that. They said they couldn't see it before because the codes are "soft codes"... but since I didn't turn the car off they were able to diagnose.
this sounds about right as the accelerator is used so much in daily driving that it is going to wear out first. Also most senors are made in China. I have a 2007 Impala LTZ with 139K miles and sensors are going bad. Recently replaced the EVAP sensor at the fuel inlet hose. The sensor tells the gas tank when to send gas fumes to the cannister near the engine, to be burnt later. Sounds easy, but it took out the remote start, they are on the same circuit. I was working for Microsoft in Des Moines in January. I went to AutoZone and they read the code and wanted $125 for the sensor, I got it from RockAuto for $35. The real joke was I was staying in a hotel and fixed it in their parking lot and a guy was watching me. The guy was a service rep for Chevy and told me I saved about $600.00
It sounds to me as if the system voltage is getting low on your 2009 Chevrolet Impala. This could be due to many things. A faulty battery, loose or dirty battery connections, faulty main electrical connection power or ground, faulty ignition switch, and the list goes on. Someone is going to have to spend some time driving and diagnosing your vehicle. If it is still under warranty then that would be the dealer's responsibility. If they will not help to try contacting Chevrolet customer assistance - the phone number should be in your owners manual.