Q: Service light/car stalled once on 1994 Volvo 940

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Service light stays on for first 10 minutes of driving. The car running fine until yesterday car stalled out completely/all power off and I pulled over to side in time. I had just started the car 3 minutes before and the car had been sitting in parking garage all day. The car restarted immediately and then on the way home it sputtered a bit once and that was it. Today started right away and didn't stall out on 10 minute ride. What could this be? The car has 330k on it and has a great strong engine. Thanks!
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It could be so many things hard to guess on a car with that mileage. Likely to be a failing fuel pump, fuel pump relay or ignition failure but you would have to verify what has failed when the car stalls. Are you loosing fuel pressure, are you loosing power to the fuel pump, are you loosing ignition spark? You would need to figure what is failing when the car stalls.