Q: service engine soon light on 2002 Chevrolet Camaro

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I just changed the oil in my 2002 camaro six cylinder and now my service engine soon light is on how to i reset so it goes off
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The SES light means there is a problem in the power train control. You need to take it to get a computer diagnostic and see what's the problem is. You can't get the light out permanently unless the problem is fixed.

The service department did not "reset" your 'service engine soon' light. It has to be reset at each oil change. This has happened to me several times at the dealership. Just go by the place that did your oil change and tell them they need to reset your light.
The Service Engine Soon (SES) light is not the same as the Service Reminder.
The SES is the same as the Check Engine Light, warning you about a fault in the power train management. It requires a diagnostic computer to read out DTCs from the PCM.