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Q: service dealer johnny mopar on 2007 Chrysler 300

2nd trip to dealer with flash done and fluid checked yet still having vibration/shudder when RPM drops back to 1200 after shift from 2nd to 3rd gear.
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Johnny Mopar here. I have to ask a few questions to try to help you with your concern.How many miles do you have on the vehicle? What speeds does this occur? Are you cruising on flat roads , or under load as climbing a grade? , Do you have ALL WHEEL DRIVE? Are your wheels and tires stock and proper tire size? Lastly, If you do have an AWD vehicle, check tire wear as an excessively worn tire will have a different circumference (height) than the rest. the tires RPM will not be consistent with the rest of the tires resulting in shudders, vibrations and due to unequal tire speeds. It's a lenghty process of elimination as it may be something other than the transmission. The Hemi engines MDS feature can also give a perceived shudder under certain conditions.
johnny..the car has 18000 miles. Tires are stock. It is not an AWD. The shudder only occurs around the 35 to 40 mph range with the rpm at 1200-1300. I thought it would be the tranny since I feel the shudder as soon as the gear shift up and the rpm falls back down to 1200-1300. I also noticed if I gradually step on the gas pedal at that RPM level the shudder is very noticable. If I step hard on the gas then I do not feel the shudder at all as it seems to go through all the gears flawlessly. It kind of reminds me having a standard shift and starting from a stop in 3rd gear.
Hi..Scarlet in Ky. I have a 2006 Chrysler 300. Mine also does the same thing at around 1500rpm. I read on here that it may need software updates to the power train control and transmission modules. And that they are prone to leaks around the electrical connectors on the automatic transmissions. I also learned today, since my engine light has come on, that mine needs new EGR vavle and read that this can cause rough shifting and idoling. Let me know if you find new info PLEASE. I have had mine a year and need to fix about 7 things to get it to run right..Good Luck
Hi Lenticular ... I have the exact same problem with my 2008 300C 5.7L RWD. I can answer Johnny Mopar's questions as they relate to my car. I have just over 7000 miles on the car. The shudder is worst at 35 MPH at 1200-1300 RPM. It happens on flat roads but gets worse on a hill. I have occasionally felt it at highway speeds (60-65) at around 1800 RPM. I have RWD. My tires are stock, of proper size and are properly inflated. Lenticular's description of a lugging manual transmission is very accurate in my case also. I have an appointment this coming Monday at the dealer to have it checked. Hope this helps and maybe Johnny can help me too.
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