Q: Serpentine belt replacement cost? on 2004 Honda CR-V

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My Honda dealer says I need a new serpentine belt though I have not observed any symptoms. They say it shows signs of cracking, and they want $480 for replacement. Does this sound reasonable?
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NO!!! What dealer is that? Is the serpentine belt the only thing they are replacing , or is the tensioner also included in this estimate? Dealer price in that area (I'm at Honda of Dulles/sterling Va. used to be Leesburg Honda)--Belt $65.00, and MAYBE 1 hour labor($120.00) total-$185.00 plus tax etc. Tensioner is not that difficult to replace , shouldn't be another $295.00 in parts and labor!!
The dealer is Criswell Honda in Germantown MD, and yes the quote did include the tensioner. Thanks for your insight.
serp. belt should be around $25.00(from napa) at independent garage. tensionner should be around $90.00- $110.00(from napa). independent garage will do for maybe $90.00 per hr. time should be 1.5 hr.s. sometimes cheaper to buy the parts urself and bring them the shop for labor work only.
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If you have over 60,000 mile on the serpentine belt, I would recommend replacement. For The cost would be $77.80 parts and labor. This repair can be done while you wait. Matt, Flower Hill Automotive 301-869-8900
dealer ship for sales man. they sell cars, not solutions. go to independent garage. better rates, better service. go to dealership for anything other than warranty and u get hosed.
rec. good year gatorgrip for belt replacement $25.00. labour = 1 hr. rate will depend on shop.
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