Q: Oxygen/MAF Sensor Problems on 1997 Chevrolet 2500 Pickup

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I have codes for O2 sensors #1 on both banks, one for low voltage (bank 1) and one that just says circuit condition (bank 2) but also have one for MAF low input and my truck obviously doesnt want me to push the accelerater more than about an inch before it tries to kill I can only afford either the 2 o2 sensors or the maf alone, which one would be the more likely problem?......ALSO when I start it in the morning it has about 70% power then it goes away.... i unplug the MAF but it still acts up.... I am thinking maybe its the Map sensor..... I need it fixed soon so please if you have a good idea what it is please help me out.....
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The engine in your 1997 Chevrolet 2500 Pickup should run fairly well with the MAF electrically disconnected. I would suggest you try driving your truck with the MAF unplugged and see how it runs. If nothing changes then the MAF is NOT the problem. If it runs much better with the MAF unplugged then chances are the sensor is at fault.