Q: sensors on 2004 Chevrolet Malibu

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my engine light went on and im being told its my sensors now, first they told me it was the fuel pump and i paid $600 to replace that and about 2 weeks later now its the sensors has anybopdy had this same issue? if so what did you do
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Let's start from the beginning. Did you have the fuel pump replaced because the engine light was on? If so, do you know what fault code was stored in the computer at that time. Also, and more important, what code is currently causing the light to come on . There are a lot of different faults which will all set different fault codes and turn the engine light on. If you can tell me what codes is current now I can try and tell you what may be wrong.
my check engine light was also on the 04 malibu, took it to the shop and was the thermastat and the water pump..i wish you good luck
My check engine light would stay on for 2 months go off for a day or two and then back on turned out to be the thermostat - about 250.00 to replace