Q: Seemingly no fuel pressure. on 1998 Dodge Neon

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I have a 1998 Dodge Neon that when I turn the key the engine is trying to turn over, but seems there is no gas. I disconnected the fuel line under the hood and when I turn the key to see if the fuel pump turns on, gas does in fact come out of the line. Although it seems a little low. I looked under the car and right next to the fuel pump was a part labled "fuel accumulator." When I unplugged the hoses, alot of black debris poured out.
I have read conflicting info saying that this is also the filter. But I also have read that the fuel filter is in the fuel pump. I do in fact see the part that in the diagrams would be the filter in the pump. The car has 140xxx miles on it, and as far as I know the fuel filter has never been replaced. Would the filter be the problem? Or is this "fuel accumulator" the problem, or even both?
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the fuel filter is external and if black stuff is coming out, you have contaminated fuel. the tank should be dropped, drained, flushed, new pump and filter.

So even thought the pump still comes on, and fuel is comming out down the line, the pump needs to be replaced? Not just the filter? What about the part I mention, Fuel Accumulator, what function does that serve & should that be replaced too? When I unplugged it, thats where the black stuff came out. Oh, and the fuel down the line is comming out clean.......
Thanks for all of the info!