Q: seem like my starter is broke on 1996 Mazda MPV

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my van won't start (I had some signs that it was about to break down, twice it wouldn't start the first time I started it ) I put in new battery didn't change nothing I was wondering does anyone know where my starter is located in how much do think will cost labor only.
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You can look at the repairpal home page estimator link for your zip code to look up labor in your area. Follow the positive battery cable from the battery to under engine to locate starter.
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If it's RWD you're looking at 0.9 hours, if it's 4WD 3.4 hours. You may want to double check that it is the starter, what's it doing exactly?
Sounds like you want to do it yourself, Which is great. The starter should be on the driver's side if I remember correctly. Make sure to disconnect the ground cable at the battery prior to working on it. It might be other electrical issue besides the starter, The best way to check it is when it does not crank over, tap it with a large hammer and see if it cranks over. This is a sure way to check without a helper sometimes. Good luck.
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