Q: security system trouble on 1994 Cadillac DeVille

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My car wont start due to anti theft system how can i bypass that to get my car started? who do i go to for the codes to over ride the system.
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you'll need resistors to bypass the system but you will first need a multi-meter to get the resistance of the chip key.
Thank you for your help iam clueless about cars
Now the shop i took my car too is saying i need a fuel pump does this sound right too you ? i feel like i am getting the run around and my car is still not starting.
This I am telling you because I had the same problem with my (95' concourse). First, you have to measure the resistor in the key. Measure across it with a volt/ohm meter. Ounce you know the value of the resistor (in ohms) you can go to Radio Shack and purchase a resistor just like it.
Then you must go below the steering shaft cover. Take the cover off. find the two wires that are coming from the ignition to the computer. Haynes manuals have this information in the schematic section. Insert the resistor in parallel or across those two wires. Do not break the wires. Ounce you have connected the resistor, go start your car. It will start every time now.
I got a flat tire and changed it there was a donut that was used.
When the tire was replaced there was a warning message that the ride stability control needed servicing. what does this mean?
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