Q: Security system keeps going off on 1995 Acura Legend

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We just bought this 1995 Acura Legend for my son and the security system keeps going off. It does not have a a key phob and we don't have money to bring it into the dealer. Any suggestions?
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I have the same problem with my 1993 acura legend. Did some research and discovered it is common with model/year. Did some more research and found there is no way to disable the alarm. I learned from experience that if the key is vertical and pulled out slowly, it will not trigger the alarm. If the key is angled or twisted while withdrawn, the alarm goes off. Despite this 'trick', mine went off one time when I was leaving somebody else's girlfriend's house.
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I just looked there is an eight page wiring diagram associated with the alarm/security system. You may be able to get a remote on line second hand and make sure it comes with reprogramming procedure. Google "second hand automotive remotes " . The wiring looks complex but its not try a remote first then find an independent Acura/Honda garage in your area.
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