Q: Secondary Air Injection Pump on 2005 Toyota Tundra

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Several weeks I had a service performed at the local Toyota Dealer. Within a week I had a check engine light come on for a few days and go off. I went back to Toyota and they said there is a problem with the secondary air pump. I reserched and found out it is part of emmisions. If I don't get this repaired right away will it cause engine problems.
(2) Answers
Depends on the problem. If it's a vacuum leak on the line which opens the check valve the engine can run lean and could set fuel trim codes.
If the pump is bad or the inlet pipe from the pump to the exh.manifold is broken it won't have a direct impact to the engine.
It blows air into the exhaust manifold to reduce emission.

It wont cause engine problems, it will cause it to fail emissions testing. I just reset the code on my truck every other day. Drove it over 50K miles with it that way.