Q: sdjustment of hydralic lifters on 1990 Chevrolet S10

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bought recently 1987 s10 truck lifters were very noisy but truck ran guy said to tighten them down can't get it to run now cause can't get adjustment right how do you adjust them know you start with no 1 cylinder at tdc have tried in firing order, have tried one after the other straight down the line how tight do you tighten them what else could i do
(1) Answer
You should purchase Chiltons book about your truck at parts store, the procedure is in that book, tightening them in sequence like you said will cause problems with pushrods and lifters and maybe rockers. You start with engine at TDC on #1 at compression position and next go round is done after turning crank one full turn so #1 is at exhaust position. You also will adjust different lifters/pushrods with each position. Or have qualified tech do it.