Q: Scraping noise coming from rear of vehicle when going over bumps at slow speeds? on 2004 Mazda Mazda3

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The noise sounds just like the front of a car scraping against the apron of a driveway -- except it comes from the rear of the car when I go over bumps at slower speeds(e.g. backing out of a driveway, going over a speed bump or a small pothole in a parking lot). It also like it's coming from down low, below the hatchback area, as if it were coming from a wheel well. My guess is that it might be related to my rear shocks/struts? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
(2) Answers
Sounds like rear struts. Could be the bushings and links in the rear sway bar. Check for movement in bushings and replace. Bounce rear of car by hand to see how the rear struts behave.
Check the rear coil springs. I mean get your face in there and see if the end(s) are broken. Next, look for a rusty colored dust around suspension bolts, this indicate a worn out bushing(usually). Mazda cut a lot of corner saving $ on the M3, from the tiny battery to the small tires. I've upgraded wheels to 215/55/17, handles better and slightly better gas mileage and replace the battery to a the biggest that would fit. Never like the sound of my Mazda3 starting.
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