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My speedometer is going back and forth. It started today as I was driving home from work. I didn't hear any sounds when it happened. please Help.
wont accelerate. what could be the problem?
I bought the vehicle brand new in 2009 and for 5 years, never had any issues with vehicle just normal wear and tear. It's got 83k miles; AND it's paid off. It gets regular service: oil, fluids, tires, alignment etc either by dealer or lube 'n oil all standards, a great and reliable vehicle.

Last year had brakes installed all around, at the tune of $835, AND 4 new tires and alignment done. A short time later, I started hearing what sounded like a soft "wobble" when I drove on the highway. I do not remember ever hitting speed bumps hard, or hitting ghastly potholes at 65mph, so it's not that.

I took to a mechanic. They put it on the alignment rack, came back that the rear end (drivers side) wheel was out of alignment by about 26* . They informed me that there is NO rear end alignment or shims available for my model 2009 SCION Xb...and told me to keep an eye on tire pressure, and rotate tires often and should be ok.

7 months later brings me to today. The 'wobble' sound got WORSE, much WORSE. I do not notice any unusual vibration, just the "wobble" sound and its very loud.

Is it possible the rear end was damaged during installation of 4 new brakes.
AND is this a fairly common issue with this model of SCION Xb? Oh, and what options do i have? (obviously pay the $2000 + repair bill for a brand new rear end, trade it in on another vehicle taking on debt with the big banks, lease, buy new used vehicle that will cost less to maintain than the cost of the vehicle) As you can read, I'm terrible frustrated and don't have $2000+ just laying around!

Your thoughts, recommendations, and suggestions are welcome.

Thank you for your consideration.


I have checked all connections, had the battery and alternator checked they both are good, when starting car sounds like it's losing power on start up. And now sometimes it won't start at all. I have to shift the gears a few times and then it starts. It's an automatic with sport shift, only 60k on it. I'm guessing either starter or starter solenoid going bad or both. And with the no start I'm thinking the linkage might need adjustment. Might be out of sync a little bit that's preventing start up. Any help would greatly be appreciated
I have the dreaded 3 light problem with my 2009 Scion xB. My engine light, traction light, and VSC light came on. It idles rough below 1000 RPMs and I'm not sure what the idle RPM even needs to be. It shifts rough, and at 55 mph its steady at about 5000~ RPMs.

My Fiance checked the resistance on the two transmission speed sensors and they both are in spec. 660 ohms or so.

Not sure what else could be causing the problem???

ANY help is greatly appreciated. I have searched all over (from google) and have not found any other suggestions.

Hope this describes the problem with enough detail. We do not have much money and we are trying to stay away from the dealership if possible.
service center said it costs 149.99. Is it necessary
What is the cost expected to replace worn brake pads
I have had my 2009 Scion XB for almost 2 years. I only have 10,000 miles on it and have had two services done. When do I need to change the park plugs? It doesn't say anything about it in the maintenance book. Thanks a lot
I would like to purchase the parts for my broken A/C on my Scion Xb and have someone install them here in Baton Rouge. Can anyone suggest a fair, reputable and affordable shop?
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