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I drove my Scion xB today and when I came out about 20mins later it would not start the key will turn and everything turns on but the car will not start a steering wheel warning symbol comes on with a exclamation Mark. I have replaced the battery and checked the starter. I'm not sure what else could be the problem
I just replaced the battery but the battery signal still on.
Scion Xb 2008 stopped in the middle of the road, wouldn't re-start. Connected to a scanner: Fault code P0117: low engine coolant circuit voltage. I added coolant, tried to re-start the car: Starter spins, cranks sometimes, but car won't start. Any ideas? Am I looking at a dead engine? The engine did not overheat, according to the thermostat in the car. At wit's end, thanks.
The front of my car is making a clunking noise a guy said it was my differential and now my car won't start
my car is using a lot of oil
For some reason it has stopped blowing out. It only blows a small small amount of air out. That's it. Temp gauge still works but the fan speed doesn't work
Besides the dealer were can I take it to get fixed
the car has begun to stall, runs very poorly as if it wants to drop dead. we have changed out the plugs, the coil wires, fuel injectors cleaned and rebuilt with number one injector being replaced. the car is emitting raw. could it be a vvt i sensor, where is it located? does it affect the shifing of the transmission since the rpms are affected? please help. sincerly out of my wits and running out of money and patient.
Hi, so I don't know much about cars but my question is, is it normal that when I'm parked my rpm's rev up a little. And when I'm driving in the 20-40 mph range it seems as if I let off my gas pedal it seems to speed up sort of without me hitting the accelerater. I'm hoping this is not a big problem and maybe it's just that it needs to be checked for Maintenance. Also it has 74,000 miles on it. Please help me out.
only had car 20 days do the dealer respossilbe for repair
VSC OFF; Slip Indicator; Check Engine Light and possibly the Electric Power Steering Light and all came on at once and were flashing while I was cruising up a hill at about 32 mph. I have 116,000 miles on the car. I had the radio and heater on doing my normal suburban road 7 mile drive to work. I definitely lost engine power and became very sluggish, and was just trying to make it to the side of the road. After about what seemed like a minute I reached the top of the hill and all the lights went off and power came back to the engine and began to drive like normal. Any Suggestions of why this might be happening? How to prevent from happening again?
In Sept my back break pads were replaced and resurfaced. should I have to have them replaced again so soon?
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