2005 Scion xB Questions

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Does the cars computer keep track of mileage even though you can't read the digital dash lens & if so what diagnostic will access the current mileage?
cant see anything in the gas tube...can only put gas in very very slowly..Help Please!
Recently had oil change, and follow schedule. Driving the other night car smelled hot, just made it home
After having air filter changed, car stared running rough. Check engine lights all on. Sputtering noise from tailpipe and does not accelerate well at all. Dealer said it was fuel injectors and changed them, but didn't get out of parking lot before lights came back on. Had 3 coils changed since then. Runs a week or two and same problem starts. It has 160,000 miles on it. Is it a short? Bad coils? Spark plugs? Or time to get rid of this car that I really do love? Any help is greatly appreciated!
my mothers car needs alot of repairs. she is on social security and cannot afford a large payment do you guys offer payment plans?
Car was in a recent accident on right hand side. Would like to know a place that will do an accurate job in fixing it.
My sons car stalled on the freeway and had to be towed. It was taken to Sears and he was told that they did not replace the timing belt. He took it to our family mechanic and was told the same. Why?
I have a 2005 XB and when i turn on the AC it blows only regular air and not cold, so i checked the Compressor and it is not kicking in when turning on the Air please help me in any way u can...
Just started the speed will stay at zero. Next time I get in the darn thing works. What causes this?

I had my car diagnosed at a repair shop for, what I feel like was a wasted $48, and they told me what I already knew: heater blower motor is out. The first quote they gave me was $291 out the door. After I got a few more estimates that were a lot higher, I went back to this same shop to make sure their estimate was right. The second time, the guy tells me he wants to replace the part with an OEM part and the price would be $339 out the door. I go back today to have the car repaired and now they're telling me that their computer had a glitch in the system and the repair cost is not a two hour job but a 6 hour job and the new estimate is $910!!!! I got the heck out of there fast. Your website estimates at $185. Is this correct? I really need my car repaired but I'm trying to avoid getting ripped off.
ac not working now how to by pass belt to compressor and how long should it be
how do I know what marks I need to set the timing on intake and exhaust, also how do I get the tentioner to comperes? thanks
Not too long ago a rattle developed in the engine. I purchased a mechanics stethoscope and I think I have isolated the rattle as coming from the component just under the alternator. I have purchased a Scion xb maintenance manual, but it does not come in until tomorrow. Thanks
where are the timing marks. i'm having hard time setting the timing.
replaced the ecm, w/ a rebuilt,co. said it wouldn't need reprogramming, just relearn,it runs, but the key for the door is different than ignition key, and it apparently has set off some security so that stereo won't work and lights are on, is there a way to reprogram the security w/o going to the dealer? found a site for reprogramming the ecm, and another for reprogramming the ignition key, but nothing on the door key.
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