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Problem just started last week, when i made a Uturn
My car started overheating on the ride back 2 hrs away. I pulled in the gas station put water in it and it cranked back up i started driving and it just cut off so i pulled to the side of the road. It now wont start. It wasnt gettin sparks from spark plug but i then had all 3 new sensors put on. It now spark plugs are sparking but it still wont crank on. Can someone plz help me and my mechanic have no idea what else could be wrong bc head gasket isnt blown?
The bolt under the center cap on the left front axle (drivers side) broke off. We had to replace the axle. The same thing happened 2 weeks later. No idea why. No idea what to do different when we replace again. Any suggestions. Could we be tightening the bolt to much or not enough.
My AC and heater blower does not work
My wife backed into the garage brick wall
It make a squealing noise sometime while idling
I am in college and need to save money on a new hood, front end grill and bumper, maybe imact bar. I don't have full coverage and want a fair price for the auto repair. Any suggestions?
The lever on my trunk has come lose and I can't pull on it to shut the trunk. The car shows a door open and now I can't lock my car. How easy is that to fix?
I have changed the ignition coil, fuel injector and even cleaned the Mass Air Flow sensor. But my engine still sputtering when in drive/reverse. But when it's in park/neutral the engine runs just fine. Only when it's under load(gear)it sputters. When in gear you can hear the missing sound coming from the first cylinder. I have an after market type of ignition coil. Should I get the genuine part from Toyota?
When I honk the horn like when you see a buddy or something, it cuts off. When I restart the cart the VSC, traction control and check engine light comes on. Then it runs really rough. I had the MAF sensor cleaned once and then replaced after it happened twice. It just happened again. I had it checked at Advanced Auto and the OBD sensor said the MAF sensor was bad. I would like to know why when I honk the horn like this it does that.
to be replace how do you call it so that i can purchase it from the toyoto auto parts
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