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If memory serves, in a 2005 Scion xA, if you leave your key in the ignition, leave the headlights on, don't buckle-up, etc., there are audio alerts that should sound; I'm not hearing any for any of them. That being the case--and suspecting a blown fuse since _all_ those items are affected--I looked in the Owner's Manual and there's no mention (in the back) of a dedicated fuse for those items.

What should be next in the troubleshooting chain to find the culprit?
How do I fix this replace camshaft sensor or oil pressure timeing chain valve sensor on 1.5 4 cyl 2005 scion?
When I shift into gear the car doesn' t move in any gear. Its an automatic.
service engine light just came on today after having my oil changed at walmart a month ago
It is not engine related. It's very loud.
My 2005 Scion xA now runs rough after oil change. No engine light or codes have come up. I changed the spark plugs, the air filter, the pcv valve and it still runs/idles rough. Cleaned the MAF too. It's worse on start up and gets some better after it runs for a few minutes. Car has 114,000 miles, but ran fine until the oil change. They put high mileage oil in it, but changed it back to Mobile M5. Any ideas? Thanks
The exhaust plumbing looks fine. Suspect exhaust manifold-exhaust pipe connection (spring-loaded flange)
after my car has been sitting a while- overnight- when I first start it there is a small puff of white smoke from the exhaust- not always but about every 2-3 days or so. hubby just checked/ filled the oil last week. Could he have put too much oil in?
will car need air filter, plugs, belts?
Happend at 30,000 miles and they replace tank and filler tube. Problem occurred again at 80,000 miles. Anyone else have this problem? Trying to find a way to get toyota to help cover cost or at least give me a life time warranty for this second repair.
The screw is loose and I've tried tightening it, but seems I need to get behind the body panel to access nut or whatever is back there, but there does not seem to be an easy access. The panel is therefore squeaking and/or tapping as I drive.
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