2004 Scion xA Questions

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I can not activate my control of the keys
The windows act like they have run out of power while moving. They only move a little at a time and you have to wait and then it will move a little more. This doesn't happen all the time.
Recently bought a 2004 Scion Xa. There is no notification or warning when headlights are inadvertently left on - no buzzer, no bell, no nothing. Is this a design oversight or is there a part that needs to be replaced?
I am using it since last 3 years and it was running perfect for first two years but now from last year since i change Petrol Filter(Fuel Filter) now it is disturbing a lot. Whenever switching on the ignition after that acceleration is not getting pick and it might do stoppage during drive. I have to spend 30 minutes after starting car and then i can drive it and even during drive some time acceleration get slow.
Please suggest me what to do?
Is this due to fuel Filter?
or any else problem.
Timing Actuoator. What is this all about?
It takes me so long to fill my gas tank it keeps stopping like there is something in the tube, plus there is alot of pressure released when taking the gas cap off.
need to view all plastic pieces in front wheel well of scoin XA 2004
i have about 107,000 miles on car, great car, wondering when timing belt should be replaced??
Drivers side window works all others do not
For some reason, only in the morning, even after I've warmed up the car, when I back out or put the car in drive I'm hearing this high pitched sound, that is almost constant for the first 20 minutes. It doesn't happen any other time of the day. I'm thinking the defrost or heat may have something to do with it. Maybe a belt? I changed the water pump just in case. It's still happening.
The oil filter on my Scion xA came loose for no apparent reason. Oil light came on. I stopped in the gas station. The oil was empty. Put oil in. Tightened oil filter. Started the car and filter shot off. I have never seen this before.
Has anyone had an issue filling the gas tank? This weekend I stopped to fill up and the gas nozzle kept cuttting off like the tank was full
Is it expected that, in addition to the regular service, I would need my brake fluid flushed (says there is H20 in my brake fluid) a new cabin filter and a belt replacement? The special price weekend, suddenly became very expensive.
I just got an estimate to replace the Blower Motor on my 04 Scion xA and was quoted $1100, but the estimator tool on RepairPal is suggesting a range of 178-205. It suggests a labor price of 49-62. Is that meant to be a per hour rate? I was told it would take 6+ hours to replace, and at that rate, it would still be about half of what I was quoted. Is $1100 an outrageous amount to replace a blower motor?
Thank you.
My brand new CD's get stuck in the player and the screen says ERROR 4. I have cleaned the player with a CD Cleaner Disc and when I shut down the player and use it another day it is fine. I know I can take out the player and bring it to a dealer. I want to know what the ERROR 4 means and how I can fix it myself.
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