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The clutch was replaced and after car was put together motor won't turn tookbit apart put it back together mostly was able to get it on. Got everything in place and motor won't turn again
How to replece valve expansion on 2006 scion tc Because I can not find it please
My battery died & replaced it , it starts but when it starts it loses power, I disconnected the black cable from the battery kept running ,
the transmission will not engage into gears. the clutch does go down with no problem
After driving about 30 min I noticed that the console, E-brake and cup holder are extremely hot on driver side and not on the passenger side. It gets hot enough that I feel the heat on the seat and my leg. Does anyone have any idea why this would be or has anyone experienced this also...Thanks
when I changed my spark plugs yesterday I noticed there was some small amount of oil on each tube and spark plug chamber. I have no check engine light nothing noticeably sluggish acceleration, strange noises.. I have 93,630 miles.
My 2006 Scion TC is stalling after start ups. Tries to stall when using turn signals, head lights, power windows etc. replaced the crank shaft position sensor after reading error codes but car still stalling and running real shotty with the RPM ramping up and down dash board constantly lights flickering. I'm at a lost. Next code is the O2 sensor but I’m thinking this is a little more serious any suggestions??
Car won't shift properly only has 1st 3rd and 5th gears now
149,000 miles. Crank but won't start. Need to know how to check fuel pressure. I know about access panel under rear seats but how can I check pressure from there? Trying to diagnose bad fuel pump. Thanks!
what is the scheduled maintainance for belt/chain replacement
I just installed a new slave cylinder and I was bleeding the lines and during the process the pedal will either stay down or will gradually compress itself. I was wondering if I was improperly bleeding the lines or is it another issue with the CMC. Could you give me the proper instructions on bleeding the slave cylinder of a 2006 Sion TC.

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Johnny Montoya
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