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Car runs fine
feels like vue rides against the wind, like the brakes r on constantly. tons of power just lousy gas milage
2008 v6 6 sp auto
Won't shift
i had to put a different size tire on for a short time. the all wheel drive light has come on. the vue has all new tires on all the right size. the light will not stop flashing.
I put a new starter in it and still nothing. If I bypass starter relay the motor will turn over but won't crank. Not sure if it's a security issue or if the park sensor is not reading it being in park. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
Only transport please I need answers as to what probably could be the issue and cost to repair never was an issue no warning drove to school started fine came out just clicking now security light not saying anything wrong on dash please help
One owner vehicle...bought it new. Always changed the oil and kept it serviced regularly and well maintained. What would cause the engine in my Saturn Vue to just lock up with only 118,000 miles?? Driving down the hwy and it just lost power. Would not start back up. Luckily, not much traffic behind me. Had it towed back to dealership where I bought it and they said the engine was locked up. No cracks, fluid leaks, etc. It's something internal they say. I need answers....anyone else have issue with motor going bad so soon??
Hose leaking
The problem started a couple days ago. It happens almost any time I'm pulling into a parking spot. But, when I tap the gas, it seems to go away. Very confusing.
Thank goodness for this forum which prompted me to have my vehicle towed to a GM dealer when I experienced transmission failure. I am now in the process of having either the transmission rebuilt with a new wave clutch plate which GM is covering or determining whether it would be better to just have a GM rebuilt transmission put in the vehicle which will cost me the difference in the normal cost for this service and what GM is reimbursing for due to the damage being the defective wave plate. The rebuild is only 1 year warrantee or 25,000 kms. whereas getting a complete rebuild installed from GM will provide 3 years coverage of 60,000 kms. I have 100,000 kms currently on the vehicle and would like to keep it for a few years. Has anyone had the wave plate replaced and then experienced further issues. The letter from GM Canada states repair for the transmission due to the 35R plate will be covered for 193,000 kms. or 10 years which would bring me to Sept 2018 if in fact GM would cover costs if my transmission failed again and was a direct result of yet another defective wave plate. Has anyone had the wave plate replaced and then experienced further transmission problems?
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