2007 Saturn Vue Questions

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Runs rough when started. Feels like the car changes gears late.
(drive shaft hanger bearing/support is bad an
needs to be replaced)
I do not hear any noise, my brakes were making
a noise thats why I took the car in.
How long have you had this problem? about a month my brakes were making a noise
My car always have a hard start but eventually starts and the engine vibrates when is on and on brake,
I have a five speed automatic and when I switch into gears it seems like it doesn't want to give a lot of power
If I'm doing a tune up, I wanted to know where the spark plugs can be found. I'd prefer a diagram of their location. On the brakes, I'd like to know how to change front and back brake pads. And can I check my own transmission fluid? If so how?
traditional transmission not cvt
be moved into all gears
Having problems with it staying in gear
Dont have anymore details.
While I was driving I passed an officer and looked at my odometer. It wasn't working. So, why would the odometer quit?
At least three time the ABS light has come on twice now I have had the following problem. With the light on the ABS is engaging while driving and with it the steering /wheel is affected. The last time it was repaired the reason reported was a damaged/cut wire..the first time the repair shop checked it they said there was no problem until it engaged again at a busy intersection almost causing an accident. Took it back to the repair shop, they looked thoroughly and found the broken wire. This was at least a year ago now it is happening again. How many complaints do you have to get before this is improved (thicker wire or other solution)?
My paint is coming off in chunks are they a recall
It's in the same area as the battery light. It's a red light
the faster the louder howling and continues when off the gas slowing down. We tow the vehicle but have always followed manufacturer instructions runing 3 minutes each gear every 500 or less miles usually at 400. no noise when car is no on the road and rivving up engine
It's not a axel issue is there a known problem with steering linkage
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