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first time this happened, started out with battery and service engine lights staying on. knew battery should be good, only 1 year old. car starts fine, motor remained running, but then all warning lights came on, then all lighting lost and power very difficult to steer at all, also electronic door locks wouldn't work, had to manually open lock and door.
what will it cost to replace my Ac compressor
AC compressor is shot
When driving if I let go of the steering wheel it goes to the right.when started and in park if I barely push the front of the SUV in a rocking motion you hear the same noise. So I don't think it's the transmission Already changed the timing belt, wheel bearings and brakes all on the front. It sounds like its on the front right side.
Want to know if anyone on this discussion actually figured out what was causing this?
When I drive I heard a humming noise from the rear bottom side of my truck, sounds like the wheel bearing
The check engine light is on and the diagnostic code comes back as P0741 torque converter clutch solenoid stuck off
If the car had wreck and the air bags deploys is it total?
My ignition is shutting down all the power to my Saturn vue lights flickering inside the car and on the dash ABS light won't go off check oil light, and alternator light the ignition is also draining the battery so I need to reset the password on the ignition.
Engine will not rev when hitting gas pedal Even in neutral Have to turn car off and restart
When idling, neutral or in gear, after a while I get a loud buzz/hum from what seems to be the front left section of the vehicle. Shutting it off for a second seems to resolve temporarily. Doesn't appear to affect operation but haven't tried driving while it is occurring.
I have a check engine light on codes read P0098, P0442, Twice. changed gas cap and intake air temperture sensor . Now what, this is making me crazy ?????
Up and has no problem with speed and when I drive my light on my radio and dash get dim and sometimes they will come on back and sometimes they will stay faded
Could it be a bad fuse?
I checked all fuses, swapped the relays, the fan motor itself works tested on bench. Not sure where to look next except for the switch or the fan motor resistor??
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