2005 Saturn Vue Questions

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Half the lights on one side of your dash went out it seems weird only half of half could it be the LE bulb??or fuse?or what!

when I turned the key car would start. Took to the repair shop had New ignition switch installed, car switch worked for two weeks; had the car towed back to repair shop, three days there talked with the owner of the shop still have not found the problem.

Has been a known defect with the recall replacement

On a rainy day, put gas in car, drained battery trying to start. Recharged, more gas, car finally started, but ran scanned at Autozone, said ALL plugs were misfiring, though I replaced them a month ago. Was raining throughout all of day car started a little slow, sounded smooth. Made it two blocks, stalled out at stop sign. Tried starting again, drained battery again...what gives?

It ran out of gas I put 13$ of gas in it and it started right up I drove it. And it quit and started right back up I drove it about a mile it quit and now it starts then uits in about 3 seconds can't find out what the problem is ?

My check engine light is also on

the car"s has manual trans mission and the problem seems to be the car not being able to shift or the transmission or engaging to move the vehicle. what are costs for clutch replacement or transmission replacement?

Both engines have had regular service, but right below where the oil filter
goes, both engines blew holes in the block and you can see the inside of the motor.

Does anyone know what could cause this to happen twice?

When I accelerate it starts clunking like some things broken,I replaced both axles & stabilizer links and still hearing ,when you get to about 50mph it stops if you hit 60 & higher it has a slight jerk

Was told because she has the 3.5 V6 that that it would be slightly over $1400. I thought I was gonna get an air recharge.

P0446 code

I noticed the smell of gasoline in my engine oil via the dipstick today. There are no warning lights on, no hesitation, no loss in fuel mileage (5 speed man), no visible exhaust.

About a week ago, I had the front crank shaft pulley seal repaired. It seems like the motor is locked up now. The oil light had not come on since the repair but did come on once the flapping sound started. Any ideal if this could be that the seal repair failed? I trying to see if it is worth getting it repaired again. I have spent over $5k over the last 8 months in repairs to the transmission and front/end, tires and such.

Car is a bit bumpy, are the rotors caring the brake light to come on? Concerned because my 17 year old shares the car

Changed bulb