2004 Saturn Vue Questions

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When driving, there is a clunking/rattle that seems to come from the steering column. The higher the speed the worse the noise and the steering wheel shakes horribly. Sounds like there is a helicopter or something inside my car. I noticed that it goes away with a hair of a turn of the wheel in either direction.
I change my timing belt an had the car running an it shut off an is throwing code p0056 an the evap an egr. O2s cat is coming up incomplete
All doors in my 2004 Saturn Vue are getting stuck. I can't open them from the inside I have to roll down the window and pull out side door handle to get out. Happening several weeks out of a month. I am terrified I I am in an accident or if the electric windows won't go down I will be trapped.
2004 saturn vue has a rear vibration over 40mph
bumped into a curb hard enough for the air bag indicator to come on but not deploy and lock the passenger seat and seat belt. The ole girl may not be worth a $1500 repair would like to free seat and belt if possible
does not make the noise when taking curves. always happens as described above.
I have checked fuses, starter, alternator and replaced battery.
When I am driving it doesn't come on at all
When headlights are turned on a clicking noise starts not sure where the noise is coming from but it does not stop until lights are turned off
It doesn't stall but steering tightens and it acts like it is going to stall as soon as I get speed back up it stops doing it
I love my car.
Why does it make these noises
My saturn vue may have seized. Car would crank but not turn over. Battery is good, cps crank positioning shaft replace. Starter was replaced. Oil was at appropriate level. All fluids good. No problems with overheating. Some electrical problems before car stopped working. A mechanic said he can manually get the engine to turn half way in either direction but then it locks. It no longer cranks only clicks and no power to the car even with battery being recharged.
I have had this happen 4 times already. After I have run the car for awhile I experience a turns over won't start problem, and if I leave the car sit overnight where it is, in the morning it will start up without a problem. I have had the car checked out at a private shop and a GMC dealer shop and they could not repeat the failure in order to check it out.
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