1999 Saturn SW2 Questions

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need repace a bumper and fender right on a 2000 saturn lw2 but will a 99 saturn sw2 work
Cycling on/off brings it back quickly. Feels like computer, not valve body. When this happens it brings up the check engine light and it won't shift right for days. Then every thing is fine for a while but not long. Is this my engine CP running amuck? You never know what or what starts it, but switched off to on brings it back to default and runs poorly.
I just had a new radiator and thermostat put in last week. I have had sensors replaced, new rear brake lines, alternator, battery, plus much, much more in the engine before inspection in October last year. I do know my valve cover has a small crack in it which my son will be repairing this week but the service engine light just came on today? Any ideas/suggestions on why the light may be on??? Thank you very much for your time and input.
I determined the engine is the problem. I can hear and feel the misfiring so, it's not transmission related. Fluid level is proper and I have had the fluid replaced every 30k miles. Fuel filter? Coil? plug wires? Spark plugs?
Condition happened suddenly. Have recently replaced CPS, spark plugs, valve cover gasket and water pump. Car was running fine till yesterday-now cranks but won't turn over
It's a 1999 Saturn sw2 with 118,697 miles on the odometer. While driving home tonight the engine misfired and check engine light came on. Spark plugs were replaced but misfiring still happens and check engine light still keeps coming on.
Car sometimes jumps switching from park to drive
Brake light fuse blows when brake pedal is pushed. Removed bulbs one at a time trying to isolate the short. Could this be a brake switch problem? Why would the fuse blow?
last time the check engine light turn on i return it to the dealer where i bought it and they said they fix it after 3 months my transmission fluid leaking drastically
when i got this car i went to pump gas in and oh no u cant just hold the pump and do like a reg car u have to pump it very slow or it will shoot gas out everywhere some one told me it might be a screen in the line but have checked and nothing then i was told it was a mesh filter in the top of the tank i love my little wagon but gas time is not fun and with gas being so high well i have to do it myself or the people at the station have more gas on the ground than n my car thanks
1999 automatic saturn sw2 RPM runs high and has low power, what repair do i need. I changed catalytic converter and the car is now jerking and i can't increae speed
I bought my SW2 Saturn with 54,000 miles on it and it always used oil from the beginning.Now at 120,000 miles,it uses one quart every 1500 miles.I have learned that it is normal for this type of engine to us oil. Is this an excesive amount.It still gets 30 to 33 mpg and it doesn't seem to blow any smoke.
my cars blows bluish white smoke after warm up, when idling and stop lights, after take off, but no highway smoke.
using 1 qt. about every 2to3 wks, no smoke at start up, but after take off from lights and stop signs, and after idleing for awhile lots of strange smelling bluish smoke from tail pipe, haven't noticed any smoke on highway. had pcv valve replaced already
my automatic transmission shifts into reverse and 1st and second gear fine but will not shift to 3rd or overdrive can anyone help me with this problem
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