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The only way to stop them is to turn the ignition off
should i replace my fuel filter before the pump or after
If you drive the car for a while and park it it may not crank. If we disconnect the battery and wait a while the car will crank. The check engine light may or may not be own.I've had it on the machine to test but they never find anything. I was told it may be the computer.
The heat is not working at all.
Don't know jack about cars so please bare with me, also not positive on the engine being DOHC or SOHC
92k miles and recently put in oil and coolant
temp gauge not even to half way point.

I was driving on the HWY up a slight hill and noticed a major clanking/scrapping sound from the steering wheel and gas pedal area and it wasn't really wanting to accelerate as well as getting stuck on the rpm gauge. Quickly pulled over turned the car off and looked at it, everything seemed fine.
I started it, and almost immediately didn't want to accelerate the gas pedal and steering wheel where shaking. It sounded like the bottom of the car fell out, then white smoke from the front and back with a trail of either water, oil or coolant possibly all, the smoke was very sweet smelling and the some of the mystery liquid was brownie red. Turned the car off and called a tow truck, the guy said my engine exploded, there is a huge chunk of metal just chilling by the engine. i have pictures, my question is what happened? and why? also is it repairable or just need a new car?
I drove my car to work this morning, but when I went to leave on my lunch it won't start now. All the dash lights come on, the radio doesn't come on, the door locks don't work, the buttons on the key ring don't work. It did this same thing almost a year ago when I was around 300 miles from home, I ended up putting a new starter in. But now I'm at a loss. I think maybe it has something to do with the security system but I don't know. Really hope someone can help out.
I have a 1998 Saturn SW2, 184000 miles. In the summer, the car will overheat in 5-10 minutes sitting in traffic once the engine is warmed up. Usually the gauge hangs around the 1/4 temp level. It uses a little coolant but there isn't a leak. Also, the oil isn't discolored. The cooling fan has been replaced and works.

In the winter, the gauge will get to 1/4 warming the car up for 10 minutes. When I drive it though, the gauge goes down to 1/8 or less. If I sit at a light, the temp will go back up but never over 1/4. Consequently, the car heater barely works.

Are these conditions related?
I would turn it on and it wouldn't move anymore would you know how I can find were too look for what fuse and if its not that how can I check to see if the motor is working before I buy another and how I can check to see why no windshield fluid comes out the one for the back I did replace the motor for that can u help thank you
also interior roof liner is falling down. are these possible to replace and would it cost over $300
such as chevy
When my car is warmed up, and I have to shift into reverse, the transmission makes a very loud clonk noise as if the engine is going to fall out of the car.
1998 Saturn Wagon 2

For the last few months my car cooling system seems to be running hotter than normal per the dash gauge. For years and even the the summer the temp gauge would never get over 1/4. I need to add coolant to it now weekly but there is no leak. The engine just gets hot (the dash gauge only goes to 1/2) and losses fluid from Only the overflow tank. I have a new radiator, new hoses and a new thermostat (2). I put a temp gun on the lower hose and it is about 160-173 and the upper is about 180-193. At one time the lower hose was at 173 and the upper at 181 while the temp gauge on the dash was at 1/2 (high for my car). The temp gauge now always gets to 1/2 when for years it never passed 1/4. The coolant does not seem to overflow (do to high temp) unless I use the heater but I am still losing coolant weekly regardless. I water lever light comes on regardless about every other day. I only can add about 16oz of water (not really low). There is no leak in the system at all for sure! I used to be able to turn the AC on (only one fan for all) to get the fan to cool the motor when I did have a leak but now this does nothing to cool even when the fan is running... ? When the car was all good and would only get to 1/4 on the temp gauge it could set for 20 minutes and be back down to nothing (cold) even in the summer heat but now it takes 2 hours or more to sit and cool even in very cold weather. I know from this that the car is in fact hotter than normal. For years the gauge was at 1/4 and stayed put but now it never stays at 1/4 even in 30 degree weather. The thermostat is the second I have put in and there is only one model I can use and both open at the same temp because they are the same.

I want to think that the water pump is working, just very poorly and needs to be replaced but the cost is 300$ and I want to make sure it is this before I replace it.

Can anyone help me please, I never heard of a water pump broke or working poorly without a leak or noise. And my pump seems to be working but only at about 50% to 20% of what it should be, is this possible???

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