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Need the arm for the back/rear window wiper. Have the wiper need to blade to attach the wiper to. I've searched rear wiper blade, back wiper blade, and about 6 other options. I found a video that shows how to remove it but that's as close as I've come. on youtube Pictured is the arm with a wiper attached. I'm just after the arm. Of course, I'll take one with wiper attached if that's the only way to get the arm.
According to the repair shop the wiper motor is fine as the driver side wiper works fine. But the passenger side is shot. I tried to tighten the nut but that wasn't the problem so I took it to the shop. Apparently the assy from the motor to the passenger side is shot and would cost over $300 in parts and labor to replace and fix: Im not paying that kind of cash for what seems to be an easy replacement. I realize its time consuming to remove the plastic cover to get to the the entire assy but am willing to DIY if I can find the parts. I have tried various sites to get the parts: all say 0 results. Where do I look to get parts needed for this task?
In the morning it will start a nearby store then it wont stat untill awhile later
I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. As far as I can tell, you've not "certified" any RepairPal "Top Shops", here.

That is a bit troubling to me as I drive a Saturn and I need to find a trustworthy/skillful/well priced dealership soon (almost 100,000 miles)and there are no more Saturn dealerships to "fall back" on.

I notice there are "Top Shops" in municipalities with far fewer citizens (and fewer Saturns, as this used to be "Saturn Central" for years). Heck, there's a "Top Shop" SIX miles from where my parents live (an area with a small fraction of the population of the Las Vegas Valley).

Unfortunately, their house is 1200 miles from here. So, back to my original question..why no Top Shops in the greater Las Vegas area?

Is it because no one has been here to take a look (hard to believe you'd visit a small town in Washington State but never have thought to check out shops in Las Vegas).

Even more troubling, is this possibility that runs through my mind;Are there no shops, here, which rise to the level of a "Top Shop"?
I got an estimate on parts and labor and also found a shop from your site.

Are the shops that appear when I click "Find a shop" in any way affiliated with you? Will they honor your estimated price range, pretty much?

I'd hate to go expecting to pay $500 and get a bill for $1000.
My alternator/battery light just started coming on, tonight. When I'm driving, the lights don't dim when I step on the brakes or turn on the air conditioning. That is what I'd expect if the alternator was not working. Could the warning light be coming on even if there's nothing wrong?
was told i need to have check engine light replace because it was burned out?
im changing the transmission filter where do i locate the pan
My Transmission shifts fine but the fluid is leaking out.
Hi, the shifter in my saturn wagon will no longer reach first or second gear; instead the third and fourth gear positions are aligned with the very left-most travel for the shifter. Is this a bent or work linkage or something more insidious?
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