1995 Saturn SW2 Questions

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I would be driving then my battery and oil light comes on then it dies and starts right back up
what type of transaxle fluid does my 5 spd mt take
Just recently rpm's at idle go from 1100 to about 700 then up to about 1200 then down again. rough idle. Then often power loss during acceleration.Shakes, drives rough and feels like it's going to stall. I have tried new plugs, air filter,pcv valve. If it is the IAC valve, where is it located?
defogger stopped working in below 0 temps. connectors looked ok at a glance. fuse cover box in console indicated relay rather than fuse, but new 15 amp relay didnt fix it.
rear window defogger stopped working-looked on inside of fuse box cover under console, which indicated it took a relay rather than a fuse--replaced the relay ( 15 amp),still doesnt work. checked wire at window connection--also looks ok.
the wipers on my 1995 Saturn SW2 stopped working - but I can hear the motor running when I turn on the wipers? what is the problem?
What does the PCM Sensor and wire do?

How urgent is a repair on a cracking drive belt?
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