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My car is really loud on the inside when starting until later when you gets warmed up after I let clutch out or driving it quiets down
Or the starter
Car starts and runs as long as I have a hot battery. I've checked for voltage at the alternator while it's running and I have nothing. Was told that it could be the security light
The humming noise starts either when outside temperature is warm or hot or when the car warms up and the sound comes and goes while driving. Noticed when braking the sound starts or stops. The humming is high pitched. Just recently had car checked and they thought it was caused by a hole in the muffler and had it replaced but the humming is still there. This seems to be very hard to diagnose. Hope someone has the answer.
my oil pressure sensor was leaking oil so decided to change it and replace it. As I replaced it I noticed that the 2 wire connection was not on the sensor. I ordered a new connector but I do not know where the 2 wires go connected to. I see a brown wire ripped near the top back part close to where the intake manifold is at. I think that's one of the wires but don't know where the other one is at. can someone please help? TIA.........
The jerking gets worse the more it shifts gears. How can this be fixed
i went to 2 garages and they said 400 to drop the tank and fix the problem,they said its a voltage problem,PLEASE HELP!
I own a Saturn SL2, 01 and the service engine soon light comes on and stays on and never shuts off. I finally went to autozone and they tell me it's a secondary Air injection system fault and is mostly likely a defective air pump., my question is - can I fix on my own or do I have to take to a repair shop.
I hooked it up to the computer and no hard codes noted
Told to drive it so the computer resets but we have driven it for over 500 miles no change to the check engine computer ODB test which stays in the yellow.

Any suggestions?
I replaced the cooling fan relay and now the fan comes on when the air conditioning is on, but hasn't come on when the car is running without the A/C on. Has not overheated. Is there anything else that should me checked?
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