2000 Saturn SL2 Questions

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Can't find one anywhere is it on a recall our something.
Dash red light comes on - box with arrow pointing down & 2 wavy lines. Had coolant put in about a month ago & its already almost empty. Haven't seen any leaking. Someone told me it may need head gasket work done?
A guide video, how to fixit
Drilled out old lock cylinder and replaced with new one a few days ago when it locked up and we couldn't get it started.
After I re-keyed and installed new cylinder, it started up for me a few times before seizing up again. I removed the whole ignition housing unit and messed around with it till I could get the new cylinder out (in one piece) and figured out the mechanics causing it to seize. Now I can get it to turn over but it will not start. No code besides P0480 and no security light comes on indicating a Passlock problem. Stuck and looking for a little insight before I buy more parts. Thanks.
the hose bob is broken off the heater box that is located on the enjine.
This is just a problem when weather is extremely cold. Car starts but doesn't go into right away. Have to struggle with gear handle.
As engine warms up, it seems to go into gear easier.
After having the serpentine belt replaced I drove on the freeway and had 2 episodes of extreme steering wheel shaking. Can they be related.
repairs completed, codes erased, driven for a week highway and city driving,(400km) and they say its still not ready to be tested for emissions test, how much driving is required for this particular car so that all sensors are responding to this drive clean test?
In the past 30 days--Installed new plugs and wires; new valve cover gasket (leaking); cleaned fuel line; replaced fuel filter; replaced fuel injectors and still hard to start--grinds. What is it?
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