1999 Saturn SL2 Questions

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I may need to have the brake cylinder replaced on my car. How expensive is the part?

The car is leaking transmission fluid, but I've just replaced the transmission filter.

I just replaced the transmission solenoid but now my transmission is shifting hard in every gear is this normal? And Is it harming my transmission?

I have a 1999 Saturn sl2 when the engine is cold or at a stop lightthe engine shakes or vibrates a lot when it warms up and I push the gas pedal it stops what could be the cause and how do I fix it

this is a 5 speed, 4 door. Center line connected to back end appears to be larger. Neither line is marked nor are the protective caps.

water pump is spraying a mist when running,feels oily.

The fan would still be running after shutting the engine off, and almost as soon as I put water in the radiator, it would just leak out.

Come on and took it to get it fixed. They replaced the P0143 sensor and the light went off. 80 miles later, the light came back on. Took it back and they said they switched out the sensor, thinking the first one was bad. Everythign else looked good. Then 80 miles later, Service Engine Light, came back on. Now, i took it to a rtepair shop where they run every test they knew and everythign passed. They said no reason the light should be on and they can't fix it. Any help out there would be appreciated, thanx Steve

Oil level is where it should be, no visible oil leaks, starts and runs good, runs at normal temp range, no other lights or indications of anything wrong except I think it does sounds louder at idle than it did before but not totally sure.
Engine was recently overhauled at 110,000 mi and is now at 114,000. Thanks!

The car has a145,000 miles it doesn't shift or take off right

Sometimes it is okay when hot, if the engine cycle is in one position and not another. I have moved it in gear, just a bit, and I could start it. Mostly though, I start it on compression, on an incline, if it won't start when hot. Yes, it has a standard (stick) transmission.