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I need to replace my fuse box, how can I assure that the replacement part(the fuse box that I purchase); is not damaged inside ?
When the fresh air button is depressed on my 1998 Saturn sl2 there is a clicking noise. I am thinking it is the fresh air servo motor door.
trying to get a radiator replaced on a 1998 Saturn sl2 coupe,and was wondering price range including labor
To replace the lock cylinder, you must depress a pinhole release button near the back, and then , turn the key to ACC to release the cylinder. Problem is, THE KEY WILL NOT TURN. How would one go about this task. Thanks.
Right now I can only open the door from the outer handle. The bar is not attached inside the door. I have the door panel off. I am unable to see where the bar connects. Help!
was working fine, after work would not start. just a click. lights, radio, horn all work. jumping it did nothing.
Car wont engage (start). Tested battery, alternator, solenoid, ignition switch, starter- all are fine. Fuel pump is irrelevant since engine can still turn regardless if that were the case. Replaced neutral switch (named clutch interlock switch according to dealership). Even with it not able to start on own my mechanic managed to get it started by pop-starting it (basically giving it enough push to force car into gear thus starting engine). Thus my conclusion. Clutch isnt engaging on its own therefore needs replaced. If anyone has any light to shed on this please inform me.
I came home and replaced all ABS fuses 2-10 amp, 1-30 amp under the hood, 1-10 amp inside car fuse panel. Light on Trac still on. I took out center console to take a look at the Trac/Defrost switch. I thought maybe it was dirty or obviously broken but nope. I wanted to unplug the connector from the back of the circut board on the switch but it seems to be wired in. How do I disable this Trac side of this switch. If I cut the wires will it disable Trac or will it send service engine or ABS lights to my dash board. If that happens then I can't pass smog. I need this trac problem resolved. Any advice you have is really appreciated.
button is broken in the on position. So the tech isn't able to spin the wheels to do the smog. The tech says he tried disabling the ABS (I think he said he removed the fuse) but the the Trac stays on. My question is how do I get into that part of the panel on the dash to see what the problem is with that Trac button. I've gone thru my Chilton Saturn repair book and on You Tube trying to find out how to get into that panel to look at it but can't find anything telling me how. I need to get at that Trac button. I hope someone can help. Thank you!
My car sometimes wont go in reverse and then doesn't want to shift out of first gear
this is my daughters car we are both dumb when it comes to this s*&t. She took her car to a shop yesterday. She had the oil changed the day before and car drove fine. Then next day she went to start and it wouldn't turn over. She had it towed to another shop where a family member works. (thinking she'd get honest treatment) was told they fixed a sensor charged her 100 bucks... she got home only to have Check engine light come on. Took it back to uncles shop and was told she needs a new computer which would cost more than the car is worth. What... Really vague answer to her probl. any suggestions on who or what the problem maybe. The car is a pretty decent car only has 155k on it. HELP poor girls in Puyallup WA please
My front tires are 15 and the back are 14
A buzzing sound happens at all blower motor speeds but not when the blower is off! I hear this sound for a little less than a second then it stops for about 30 to 60 seconds and than does it again like before and again as long as I use the blower. It's intermittent. Someone said its not the big blower motor itself but there may be a Recirculation Damper type Motor that works the air direction system. However, when I move the slide controls the air will go to where I want it to go such as the floor or windshield or just straight out the main vents and the A/C works normally but also has that buzz sound. Has any one else experienced this problem?
I was driving down the freeway going 65 mph. My car has a oil problem and an acceleration prolem. With the acceleration problem I basically have to pump the gas pedal, the RPM hits 4 or 5 then it goes as fast as I'd like. Anyways, as I was driving the car just cut off. The RPM hit 0. When I try to turn it on, the lights and radio come on and it makes a vroom vroom sound. But it doesn't start up. I have a brand new starter so its not that. Any ideas? I was told it may be the fuel pump. I also put 4 things of oil and some oil sealant because I thought maybe that'd help. Please help me!
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