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We changed the coil pads and the spark plugs but the vehicle will not get a spark the car sounds as if it wants to stay on but it won't if anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it
How long have you had this problem? 3. Days
When im driving and get to about 25 mph it acts like it dont want to go any more..i have to ease on gas pedal slowly getting it to go and shift to next also has been shuttering when shifting and when im pressing on gas pedal. after i get to 40 its fine.. it goes and will keep going fine...stop at a stoplight and repeat again..replaced map sensor,fule filter,alternator,battery within the last 3 months all fluid and oil in car is fine. I have a 1 year old and im completey lost and tired of buying things that haven't worked. Please help! Thanks! :)
it has total power but wont fire and start what could it be all fuses are good
if I wait a day or two it starts up
Brake line rotted through and need to replace from engine compartment back to R. Pass wheel.
My air compressor would only run if we put a wire in the relay switch but when we replaced the relay switch it still did not work. So the parts store said it could be the interruptor commutatuer switch, but where is it and how do I replace it? Searched on line but it gives me other things that uses this device.
Is this a ground wire problem?
I have a Saturn SL2 1997 with the service engine soon light on. I had it checked and the error that was soon was a P0340. I replaced the crankshaft sensore monitor(P0341 which was suggested since my car doesn't have a cam shaft sensor option) as suggested as well as spark plugs,valve cover gasket,thermostat, ect. I reset it and it works for a few mins then the service engine soon light comes back on. I also was told drive it for 100miles or so and it would reset but that has not happened either. What other things should I look into?
lights would come on it was completely dead. So I messed with it a little and I turned it over and the lights came on and I got it started went to my Mom's house and when I went to leave the car started just fine lights went on and everything I got it home. Can I get it fixed or do I have to wait until it acts up again?
Car was running fine and then while on the expressway it started feeling weird. I got it home and checked the trans fluid everything was fine, great color and right to the correct level. I tried putting it in reverse and it went forward. Car was revving high and not shifting. (Limp Mode)
When I was in park i revved the engine a little bit and let it go back to idle and then the car went in Reverse, Started to drive it and when it shifts into 2nd gear it stays there. I was getting a emission code and mechanic told me I need a Cat. Convertor, But then he was saying that because of the emmision problem it damaged the Transmission. Could this be true?
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