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I've replaced my battery unhooked my stereo and my battery still drains
My radiator fan no longer comes on automatically, but works, as I have hotwired it for now. Fuses and relay is good, and I bought a new sensor, but can not find where it goes. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
It has gas,bought new coil packs, fuses are good battery and starter good, fuel pump good why won't it crank could it be crankshaft position sensor
water leaking from front by widow that goes on front and rear passenger floor.

estimate for repair is $575 .
All the other gauges work.
- Check engine light (CEL) comes on after about 10 min of driving lately. However the engine starts and runs smoothly both before and after the CEL comes on.
- My autoxray diagnostics tool indicates the aforementioned trouble code.
- Per various similar posts I did a brief check of the following: Removed, inspected and cleaned some carbon deposits from EGR valve; then drove but CEL returned. Still I do not know if the valve is bad, however.
- Noticed aged vacuum hose that goes from manifold to air intake piping (with small cracks at bends). Clamps were also missing but has run with ends duct taped for some time prior to notice of this error.
- Also, do not know if actual MAP sensor is defective.
What would be the most common things to check / investigate further in this case?
'Planning to sell but prospective buyer wants to know more specifically what the problem is. 'Trying to avoid service garage if possible at this late stage. Thanks in advance for any help!
I have oil on my spark plugs, what are the possible caushow do I resolve this problem
Saturn oil covering the spark plugs, I want to know what the gap ratio is for the spark plugs
Accidentally hit gear into neutral car died out now won't start. Do I have a kill switch somewhere ?
I have tried to do what it says to do in manual to unlock the theft deterrent system but it will not work. What to do now?
I have tried to do what it says to do in manual to unlock the theft deterrent system but it will not work. What to do now?
my hazard lights stopped working, the relay is buzzing. replacing relay did not solve the problem.
while driving my car redlined and shut off. now it won't start?
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