1994 Saturn SL2 Questions

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need to see how to wire it three wires on th starter two small ? one has 12 v0lts on the other?
It hesitates to turn off when key is out. Slow changing into gear. And sounding rough.
SES comes on about 1 min after starting car. Tried to clear by removing the PCM fuse, and also by disconnecting negative battery cable. Removed both for about 30 min. Used paperclip to read codes and only 12 comes up.
the rubber gasket at the breaks was leaking. fixed that but now there is almost no pressure in the line and there is an air hissing noise comming from the pedal. bled break line and got better but not by much. don't know what to check next.
The driver side belt is in the back position so that it can still be manually fastened. The passenger side is stuck in the front position so it can not be used.
it jumps when i switch gears
it idles really loud and then really quiet and it stalls to start
need only front alignment
The engine start running but it get warm it turn off . I check the coil park and the crank sensor. Still can fine the problem to the car .
need to know some wiring info theirs a black wire that is not pluged to anything.
Ok Wow..I have written to so many forums in ect. So hopefully you all can help.. bought car in dec. now worm weather here (over heating no fan function..What I have done..replaced both ECTS. checked coolin fan motor-thermostate. water pump. fuses-relay- ALL is fine AND THEN I noticed something I did not know to look for. The Darn a/c/ Condensor infront of Radiator. it is unpluge from the top just kind of hanging ther. It stand to reason ((at least to me) to remove the condensor so at least my Radiator can get proper air flow even if the fan wont kick on. I plan on running a toggle switch from the fan. Thank You>>> Beth

i know where the fuse box under the hood but i cant figure out which fuse it is. could ya let me know if im in the right place... thanks sue
would like to know how to Turn Off Anti-Theft Alarm on my 1994 Saturn SL

thanks much
How is the fuel pressure test on this vehicle?
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