2002 Saturn SL1 Questions

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We have changed everything on the coolant system and it's still running hot the fan kicks on at lost what it could be
Starts up fine start driving and it stalls unless you rev the engine cannot fill the tank more than half full or problem gets worse this is a 02 saturn sl1 with at least 150,000 miles
My Saturn SL 2002 was running perfectly, shot down to do an errand & when I tried to start it the key turned but it wouldn't start. Dashboard light won't on either. Tried push starting but didn't work. What can possibly be the problem?
Was driving when engine sounded like it was going fast but car wasn't suddenly dash lights and instruments stopped working wipers stopped radio stopped when I stopped car stalled and won't stay running. Changed head gasket was leaking still won't stay running dash doesn't register anything
No way to get "check engine" light to go off!!! Disconnect negative battery post it's ok until I restart!
my saturn will start up just fine and will run good till i get to where i am going and shut it off come back out wont start seems flooded wait half hr runs good.
I thought it was my tires but they are all good. It seems to be coming from the front passenger side. The car drives fine, doesn't pull to one side, stops fine.
Red lights, stops, and park i get high rough idle. Few times car died.. had to keep foot on break and floor it to get it to start and keep it started. Went to O'Reilly they checked light said Erg valve and battery. Replaced them. No change. Cleaned out throttle air intake valve. Very built up. Helped a bit with idle. Now Autozone gave code PO410 smog pump. I have no clue what to do. I'm a single homeless mom. Any direction would be fantastic.
newbattery x1week ago. Problem continued, fuse replaced.ran. checked bymechanic.
Do you have any idea how to troubleshoot this problem before I take it to the insurance company to do the repairs of the accident
On the day of the accident we were hit passenger rear quarter panel. It looked like it was okay to drive after being moved a foot or 2 to the side. It seems to be able to drive. We drove off and the next day it didn't start. Service engine light came on when trying to start. The engine is turning over but won't start. It sounds like it's not getting fuel to start. Is there a cut off switch in the rear to keep the car from starting if there is a problem with the fuel tank.
It started knocking and was still running fine,then I hit a puddle of water and it got worse. Will run okay but lacks power and if I drive ten blocks to store and back it barely makes it back ,New plugs and wires and when I check the plugs when I get home there soaked in gas!
it has been stalling and has a very loud clanging sound
it soundn like it is in the front right part of the car.......
i had brought it to get servicd to sears... they replaced sparks wires filter pvc valve, valve gasket cover,
and some fluids they said it needs a oil pan gasket... so it was brought home went for a ride sounded ok
next day driving in town and it was making the clanging sounds nad also felt like it wanted to stall..... oil leak was found .... so how much is a oilpan gasket and can that new gasket end the clanging sound.... thank you
Was doing oil change, plug might have got cross threaded, now just spins but won't tighten. Think pan has to come off, but not sure best way to do.
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