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While driving on the interstate, at 65mph, without warning the car stalled. I checked all the fluids and connections and it still won't start. Could it be an oil sensor?
After washing the engine the cooling fans stay on. I have taken the wire connetions apart and aired dried them then sprayed them with CRC Lectra-Motive Electrical Parts Cleaner
I have a 2000 Saturn SL1 that has been stalling randomly when I'm at a light. Also when I'm driving on the highway sometimes when I brake it will stay at that RPM and rarely it has even gone higher for a second as if I was revving the engine! I think it has a low idle (hovers around 600 RPM. It had a CEL with the codes P0130 (O2 Sensor Circuit Malfunction Bank 1 Sensor 1.) and P0410 - Secondary Air Injection System Malfunction.

I replaced the O2 sensor and had the light reset. It came back on a few hours later and when I got it checked the same lights were on along with three more:
P0300- random multiple misfire
P0302- Cylinder 2 misfire
P0133- HO2S Slow Response Bank 1 Sensor 1

I replaced the spark plugs, wires, and coils, and reset the light and I still got the codes for the cylinder 2 misfire, and secondary air injection system.

Couple weeks later got it checked again and had the same codes show up but this time it took around two days for the CEL to come back on. This time it only had the secondary air injection code pop up.

One mechanic said my catalytic converter could be clogged. Another said I might not be getting proper compression.
My question is could the cylinder 2 misfire have taken those two weeks to correct itself after I replaced the spark plugs, wires, and coils (which didn’t look all that bad)? Why would the O2 sensor code come up right after replacing it?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Replaced fuel pump and filter, car started right up. I drove to the store put in more fuel. Started right up again, drove it home. Next day drove to store came out and car would not start. Over the next few days I attempted to start it with no success. Yesterday went outside car started right up. Has started each time after that. I'm scared to drive it, I can't afford to be towed again. What could it be? Your help would be greatly appreciated.
For a while, it would come on if I turned it off for a bit then back on. Now, it won't turn on at all. A/C won't either, obviously. Pretty sure I'm low on coolant but that shouldn't affect whether or not my fan turns on.

If it's a fuse issue, where would I find that?

The car runs without the key in the ignition. I discovered that by accident when I was in a hurry one day. I didn't realize it would drive like that, until I drove somewhere one day, and when I went to shut the car off and take the key out, the key was already out. I had put it in the console and forgot to put it in the ignition when I started driving.
when check engine light is on transmission will not shift. Just replaced transmission. when connected to computer error code PO113A shows up when I clear the code transmission will shift. when I disconnect computer check engine light comes on and transmission will not shift How do I fix it.
It was running last summer.
Recently, in a very limited and random fashion, when turning the key, the dash lights come on, but no noise or engine turnover, also the gear shift won't budge. It's almost like out of 50 start attempts, there will be 49 starts that go as normal, but then there's the random one where this happens, and then after a short wait (5-20min), it will start up like nothing was ever wrong.
the harder i put the brake pedal down the more it revs up; then it will just return to normal --- doesnt happen all the time at periodic times
When the check engine was on it gave me a code (410). I needed to get my catalyc converter fixed due to air escapeing a defected pipe. I had the pipe repaired but not the catalyc converter itself. My check engine light did go off but now my monitors will not clear, How can I clear them?
About 3 years ago, we had mice under the hood and in the vents. Trapped them all, and took the pieces out of the vents. Since though, car has had no heat. Local mechanic has replaced everything - rad, water pump, heater element, flushed this and that. Could not fix it.
One guy suggested maybe the mice chewed through a cable or something.
Can anyone give me precise directions on how to check this?
It tries to turn over but won't. The gas gauge does not move when trying to start it. It stays at empty. There is gas in the car so I know that is not the problem but it won't start. Please help, I just got a new starter put it and am a single mom I can't afford too much...just trying to get to work to be able to take care of my children. Pls what could this problem be? Fuel pump? Plugs? pls don't say timeing belt :(
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