1999 Saturn SL1 Questions

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$167 seems high, with $120 for labor.
We had the exhaust system replaced on our 1999 Saturn SL1 and it cost almost $900 . Is that reasonable?
Light will go out when temperature is below 40 degrees and codes clear on there own???? Changed O2 sensor with no change in results.
Will I need another transmission and how much will it cost me?
Light/radio on. Car want start.
Got 45lbs fuel psi
I carefully changed out my spark plugs and wires but I striped out the battery post. Now Ive had to charge the battery to leave for work got it charged died after I got to work after but when I came out it started as soon as I started the car and the auto shop checked the battery and the cranking amps and starter and said everything was fine I di d arc the battery after changing the wires hook up neg first Now the car is shutting off should I the side post connection? The car cranks back up after it dies radio still playing. Cranks up and doesn't hesitate.Did I fry a sensor
The car is making a loud noise and I'm told it needs a complete exhaust system How can I do this very cheapAnd the engine light goes in and out
The problem was diagnosed as a bad starter, which was replaced. Problem reappeared within 24 hours. It occurs when the car is first started. Starts after the engine is warmed up are OK. Fluids seem OK, no oil in the coolant. It's summer time, so not suspecting water in the gas. Don't know when the last time the fuel filter was replaced. No special noises noted. No diagnostic codes available. Any ideas?
My son tried to start the car and he said the key felt like it stuck before it turned. Once he turned it nothing happened, no crank or click, just silence. Further, the radio is not working either. It will start if I hold in the unlock switch on the door and the radio comes on but none of the buttons will do anything. I am guessing its something to do with the anti theft system. Is there a code to reset this thing? and I have heard that there are ways to bypass it all together, is this true? Finally, if I install an after market radio in the car will that cause a problem too?
When I turn the key, the car makes a grinding noise and will not start.
Getting Codes p0301,p1651,1650,p0507. Needs to pass inspection. Is the intake gasket the same as the oil gasket.
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