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It acts like it wants to start be just cant, i have did everything from spark plugs to spark plug wires to the ignition coil and it still is having a problem starting but it turns over
I checked all my fuses and switch the fan relay with one i know works and still wont turn on unless i turn the a/c on
do not know the diferance between SO and DO engine. Please clarify.
car runs good ,when check engine light comes on transmission starts too slip
car runs good/when check engine light comes transmission wont change gears
Hello, How are you today? I hope all is well. I need front ball joints and ti rod replaced on my car. Does anyone know of a mechanic in Oak Park or Royal Oak area?
My car is a standard, and recently when I drove it on the highway, whenever I gave it gas, especially in the higher gears, that the car would hardly accelerate, and the rpms would rev high, almost as if if was in neutral. It took some work to get the car to just 70 mph. I've noticed since then in the past week or so, that its doing it worse in the lower gears too, and its stressful just driving it around town. I have to accelerate fairly slowly. Is this the clutch going out? If so, whats the general consensus on a repair/replacement?
thank you roy you have been vert helpful
i knw probly on the engine but where at?
Im having a problem finding a 1995 sc1 sohc (manual...i dnt knw if that makes a diffrence)in my area...i have came across many 93s,94s,and 96s...will any of these work?
i have oil leaking into the antifrezze causing a gray sludge and overheating..i have taken apart the engine and the headgasket is fine..wut else could be the problem...and there is no out side cracks on the block?
check engine light goes on and off when excellerate a decelerate. what could prob be?
I have a 95 saturn SL1 (SOHC) with an automatic tranny and a bad engine. I've located an engine that came out of a 99 saturn SL1 (SOHC) with auto tranny. Will the 99 engine fit into my 95 car? Is this compatibility coded into the VIN?
it will not shift out of first gear and the stick is very loose i need to know how to fix it and where they are located and how difficult it is
The 1995 Saturn A/T has six shift solenoids where can I get a Manuel to tell me their locations and what they control? I have serviced the trans and cured my shifting problem but still have no reverse
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