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when it gets to 3k rpm it really gets to shaking and the bogs down and dies. We've replaced the battery, the accelerator sensor, the coil packs, and the fuel filter. We can't seem to figure out what it is. It jerks pretty bad and the exhaust smells 'richer' than I'm used to. After it hits 3k it coughs and shakes.please help I haven't been able to drive it.
Mechanic said it was an external filter or pump? And wont require a rebuild but wants to charge $700+
The atf started leaking all of a sudden
Tie rod ends and shifter cables replacement
My car revs up to 3-4k rpms while idling then acts like it wants to die, and the smell of gas comes into the car. Plus, when starting up blows a white cloud out of the exhaust.
I drained out and added new fluid and it happened again.
its over heating n trying to c if radiator is blocked.water seems 2b bubbling out top then back down of reservoir tank.when its running top hose is cool,bottom going to a little warm.but there is a smaller hose that comes off of reservoir tank n goes under the thermo.hose n its HOT!!
replaced radiator last yr. replaced belt,waterpump,thermostat n reservoir cap all in the last 2-3 wks.can u tell or show the route water takes thru engine n radiator.dont think water is circulating?if air in system how do i purge it?if radiator needs cleaning can u tell me how?
its running i can touch top hose(barely warm),bottom hose(to thermo)warmer,small hose(reservoir 2 under thermo)hot.not only overheating but when hot it seems to bubble up n down in reservoir.i dont have alot of $$$ n medium skills. THANK YOU 4UR HELP!
I'm female and know nothing about cars. I have a 1995 Saturn SL1 with around 156,200 miles on it. At the end of 2010 my car started hesitating while driving, like it was going to cut off. It was worse when I accelerated. I did some internet research on what it could be, and in March 2011, took a short list of possibilities to the shop and told the mechanic to fix all of it. Overkill? Maybe, but I didn't have time for trial and error. Here's what they did:

Fuel System Cleaning: Chemically clean intake system and combustion chamber
Chemically clean fuel lines, fuel rail, and injectors w/ an additive added to the fuel tank.
Chemically clean throttle body, throttle plate and air intake bore
Replaced spark plugs, spark plug wire set and all secondary ignition wires
Replace fuel filter
Synthetic oil change

Problem solved! They advised me to never use Arco gas, which I always have. Since then I use either Chevron, 76 or Shell.

But now the same problem is back.

It seems to be worse when it's cold outside, but it still hesitates even if the weather and/or the car is warmed up. I recently took it to the same mechanic who said they can't find anything wrong with it. And, no, I didn't ask him what they checked. They changed the oil and oil filter, and I needed to have the valve cover gasket replaced, which they said probably wouldn't solve my problem. They were right. A few days later after my tank was almost empty, I put some fuel injector cleaner in it, and it didn't do anything. I have no problem starting the car. Putting the car in neutral every time I stop keeps it from hesitating.

Now what? I need to take it back, and I really could use some advice on what to tell them to check next. Starting with the cheapest options first.

Thanks so much for your time!
I replaced the temp sensor in my car and before that my fan didnt work and now it works but my engine light comes on and it does this before it gets hot probley about the quarter line! Dont know when the fan is suppose to come on! Could i have boughten a bad sensor and my other one had been good? even tho the fan didnt come on with that one!
I have been having problems with my rpms going hi and low and then high and low and dieing ive replaced several parts in cluding the coolant sensor and now that what my code is, so did i get a bad one my car was and it running pretty much the same way!
what part would i need?
My car won't start until it gets warm outside then it idols high then very low then bogs out when stepping on the gas. Once the car gets going it runs well until I have to come to a stop, then it is hard to get going again.
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