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Will start right back up
A few years ago my car started making a clicking that correlated with the tachometer. We took it home and haven't started it more than a few times since. I need to repair it and wonder roughly what it will cost. It may also need a fuse replaced in the passenger compartment, but the clicking is the biggest concern.
It is over 50 degrees today and the world is thawing and melting. However, the windshield washer fluid is still completely frozen. Could my fuel lines still be frozen as well if that was the initial problem? How long do I wait before having my car towed to a mechanic? She hasn't started in 3 days.
can temp control sensor or trans temp sensor cause trhis problem
I have 82,000 miles now. I know tire pressure helps but what else can I do? Just put gas in @ 60 miles because gauge doesn't work. $3.98 per gal and 23.9 gallons put in. Your advise was to keep the tank full. Paid 10.42. How do you find out how many miles per gallon? divide 24 into 60 miles? No good mileage if I'm correct. Should I replace spark plugs?
I saw the estimate you gave me. Fuel filter? Air filter?
Thanks so much four your help. From a grandmother Kathy
do I access from outside or inside trunk, and where are the screws located
does anybody know if there is a seal between the bell housing and trans mission and is it hard to fix
My car made loud whistle like noise that went away afar pumping the brakes.
fuel tank won't accept the fuel. checked for kinks, did not see any. have tried several times at different stations.
I put Stop Leak in the hose, cause there's no cap, is it supost to end up in the coolant Jug?
not getting oil pressure car will not run was told this only part left to change, everything else was
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