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Mi carro estuvo parado desde el 2011 es año 93 y ya se le isieron cambios de creo casi todo so portes cables así te filtros brekas y tenia un ruido como si fuera una lámina al cambiar los soportes se desapareció el ruido después empezó denuevo y ahora lo ase más fuerte el cual empieza cuando prendo el ahire acondicionado y más aún cuando meto el cambio a velocidad o reversa y alpárese el ventilador del motor se lo conectaron directo del ahire acondicionado eso genera el esfuerzo del motor sea mas nose que aser aquí no me dicen que es exactamente y yo ya no quiero pagar dinero por nada el problema ahí sigue
Car at idle runs good but at a stop or take off car bogs n gradually catches speed after 20 mph. Anybody have this problem
I had a check engine light diagnostic done on my Saturn and the low coolant sensor came on (it wasnt low) and the imap sensor. It was explained to me that this regulates air flow to the engine. Could be computer issues too, He wants $200. sound fair?
everytime i go up a hill, it bogs down and i have to give it more gas. in the mornings when i start to drive, the left side clatters and sounds like the motor is going to fall out. was also wondering why it does this.
wether idling or going down the road car will stall, sometimes starts rightaway and sometimes takes half an hour or so to start back up.
The car sets and idles beautifully but when you put it into gear it stalls.
its stays on when i drive
I was wondering what the estimated hours it takes to change the drive belt tensioner pulley
how much would it cost labor included to replace a belt tensioner and serpentine belt on this make and model year
Ok so I have a 93 staurn sl1 I have automatic seat belts and the passenger seat belt will not roll up like it is sopose to. the other side does but I cant figure out why it wont I have had it looked at and nothing I have bought the manual and nothing it clicks like it rolls up but it doesn't could it be off track maybe? Its very frustating
I was in a car accident on Wednesday. The ABS dashboard light flashes and my back brake lights stay on. I have since removed the bulbs from the brake lights. I hope someone might be able to help me solve this problem, i want it to last till my inspection in January.
Is there a special tool or socket wrench for getting to the top bolt on the starter. I can't even get a wrench in there properly to be able to turn the bolt.
the belt on my car is loud when i start it up. I was told that my water pump my be going out or my belts might need to be changes.
Changed rear calipers and pads, then bled syatem. Pedal still mushy. Need advice.
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